Formula Student East

From 2016 Association of Automotive Engineers (previously known as Engineers for the Automotive Higher Education Association) organises Formula Student East as an FSAE style engineering competition representing the Eastern European automotive region. The Association is dedicated to focus on the educational function of the event as its mission is to help today’s student generations become the outstanding professionals of tomorrow since it has been established in 2010. The competition also provides the chance for FS teams from the Eastern European region to compete in an international environment by offering a significant portion of available registration slots for them, while the rest are open to teams from all over the world. Having been recognized as a World Ranking event after the first, 2016 instalment, FS East has enjoyed a steady growth from 44 teams in two categories to 72 teams in 3 categories in 2019. By finding a new home since 2018 at the ZalaZone Automotive Proving Ground, FS East provides an ideal venue to host one of the premier Formula Student competition of the world. Visit the website to find out more!

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