Our mission

2020 changed the game. For companies, for universities, for motorsport and for individuals alike – our global world’s frail nature has been exposed by an unprecedented worldwide pandemic. As major events around the globe have been canceled one after the other, Formula Student competitions had no other chance but to follow suit. 

But the game must go on. Event organizers shared the pain of the students, who could feel like they have been robbed of a chance to show off their developments. Something had to be done, and the situation had to be taken as a chance. And luckily, the main organizer of the event, Széchenyi István University from Győr established a cooperation with Formula Student East and Formula Student Netherlands to offer interested teams a virtual playground to keep the Formula Student spirit alive!

This is how Formula Student Online was born – a fully virtual, pandemic-proof Formula Student competition with dynamic and static disciplines! 

Beyond fueling the fire in motivated students, our mission is to involve those with less financial means to participate in Formula Student in the long run. All of the organizing stakeholders strongly maintain that an online competition can ease the burden on a racing team in its infancy and provide a platform to prove concepts and gain feedback. 

Formula Student Online will offer participating teams challenges throughout July, culminating in live streamed online finals on August the 8th!

Join us in creating a community for future engineers truly without borders!