Interview – UPB Racing

Introduce your team briefly.    We are the UPBracing Team at the University of Paderborn, Germany. After 13 years of designing CV-racecars, this is our first season designing a CV,… Read More

Interview – GPE Maribor

Introduce your team briefly.   Grand Prix Engineering is a team of dedicated students of engineering, economics and media studies from Maribor, Slovenia. We are experienced in developing and manufacturing of… Read More

Interview – TU Brno

Introduce your team briefly.   We are TU Brno Racing, FS team located in Brno, Czech Republic. This year we developed the 10th monopost from our workshop, called Dragon X and… Read More

Interview – Prom Racing

Introduce your team briefly.  Prom Racing represents the National Technical University of Athens in Formula Student competitions since 2008 when it was established by 5 undergraduate mechanical engineers, who were… Read More

Livestream schedule

📡 LIVESTREAM SCHEDULE 📡 Here we have our full schedule for the Grand Finale, the Official Livestream on the 8th of August❗️ As you can see, we’ll have quite an action-packed day,… Read More

Driverless Events Livestream

📡 DV EVENT LIVESTREAM 📡 We are absolutely thrilled to announce that tomorrow, finally, you’ll be able to see some action on our virtual track! So what can you see❓Our DV teams… Read More

Interview – LUMotorsport

Introduce your team briefly. We are LUMotorsport, who is Loughborough University’s Formula Studentteam. Founded in 2003, the team contains around 25 undergraduate students each year with members able to get… Read More

Interview – Hawks Racing

Introduce your team briefly. Welcome to HAWKS Racing! Our Workshop is located in Hamburg, in the north of Germany, and we are part of the UAS Hamburg. We were founded… Read More

Interview – FS UPV Team

Introduce your team briefly. We, the FSUPV Team, are a 7th year team, located in the UPV, Valencia. Our team, currently placed 1st European and 3rd Worldwide in the FS… Read More