Interview – FSB Racing

Introduce your team briefly. FSB Racing Team is the first Croatian Formula Student team founded in 2003 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, Croatia.… Read More

Interview – Deefholt Dynamics Team

Introduce your team briefly. The Deefholt Dynamics Team 2020 consists of 57 students from the Diepholz campus. The students graduate from PHWT with a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, mechatronics,… Read More

The dynamic mod is now available

❗️DYNAMIC MOD ONLINE❗️ We can’t wait to – virtually – see your cars on track at the end of the week, but until then your pilots might be happy to… Read More

Interview – BME Motorsport

Introduce your team briefly. BME Motorsport is a Formula Student CV team from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, from Hungary. Our team was established in 2018, and we made… Read More

Interview – CTU Cartech

Introduce your team briefly please. We are the oldest team in the Czech Republic, currently in our 12th racing season. We have been known for being a very small team,… Read More

Interview – Cardiff Racing

Introduce your team briefly. We are Cardiff Racing, based in Cardiff, Wales. We are a very diverse team, made up of both engineering students, as well as people from other… Read More

Interview – ARUS Andalucia Racing

Introduce your team briefly please. ARUS Andalucía Racing is a team with 8 years of history in the Formula Student Scenario. Settled in Seville, Spain, the team was founded in… Read More

Interview – Arrabona Racing Team

Introduce your team briefly. Our team was founded in 2014 on the Department of Whole Vehicle Engineering of the Szechenyi Istvan University with an ambitious goal: to be able to… Read More

Interview – Ampera Racing

Introduce your team briefly. Founded in 2012, in a city in the south of Brazil called Florianópolis, Ampera Racing is a competition team in the EV category based at Universidade… Read More