Interview – Ecurie Aix

Introduce your team briefly. We are Ecurie Aix, the Formula Student Team of RWTH Aachen University from Germany. Our team was founded in 1999, which makes us one of the… Read More

CDC preliminary results

We know you are eager to know who will be in our livestreamed finals for the Concept Design Challenge – and the wait is over now!Congratulations to our finalists, who… Read More

Fun Activities Update

We hope that most of you have already PIMPed your cars, made your drivers jump out of different things, scrutineered your kitchen appliances, or maybe created some BREAKING NEWS! 👀… Read More

DV Simulator

ℹ️ DRIVERLESS INFO ℹ️ So as you might know, our CV and EV teams will have the opportunity to showcase their drivers’ skills with racing against each other, but how about our… Read More

Magazine challenge

🤩 COMPETITION TIME! 🥳 Do you want your team to be on the cover of the Formula Student Online magazine? 🤔 Now you have the chance❗️ 👇Here’s how to enter👇Post the picture you… Read More

Car livery template is LIVE!

🏎 CAR LIVERY TEMPLATE IS LIVE 🏎 The template tutorial documents for your car liveries is finally up on our “Documents” menu! Also, we’ve updated the submission deadline to the… Read More

Business Deep Dive Topic

💸 BUSINESS – DEEP DIVE 💸 The Business Plan Deep Dive Topic JUST WENT LIVE on our ‘Documents’ page‼️ Go ahead, check it out and start brainstorming! 🧠 Don’t forget, the deadline for… Read More

Car livery templates (INFO)

📢 DEADLINE UPDATE 📢 ❗️The car livery upload deadline has been moved from the 12th of July to the 24th of July❗️ This means that you’ll have plenty of time… Read More

General Rules update

GENERAL RULES AND CLARIFICATION! There’s a new general rules document posted up on our Documents section, so go ahead and check it out via the link below! 👉 👈 ➕ A little… Read More

Upload deadline reminder

📣 REMINDER 📣 We have a deadline coming up, so make sure that you have your ✅ Business Plan Presentation Video, ✅ Engineering Design Event Video and ✅ CDC Documentation… Read More