CDC preliminary results

We know you are eager to know who will be in our livestreamed finals for the Concept Design Challenge – and the wait is over now!
Congratulations to our finalists, who are:

💥CV 💥

94 Rennstall Esslingen
95 FSUPV Team
169 HAWKS Racing e.V.


31 TUfast Racing Team 
64 KaRaT- Kaiserslautern Racing Team e.V.
76 Racetech Racing Team
90 Dynamis PRC

Click here to theck out the preliminary results on our website!

DV Teams, don’t be afraid, we haven’t forgotten you – as this category has fewer entrants, your final results will be announced during the awards ceremony on August 8th!

Details about the Livestreamed event will be published soon, including technical requirements and scheduling!