Formula Student Netherlands

Formula Student Netherlands, or FSN in short, is the Dutch edition of the world’s largest student engineering competition, in which students present and test their innovative prototype vehicles. The venue for this event is ‘The Cathedral of Speed’ , which the TT Circuit in Assen in The Netherlands, is known for its high speed corners, long straights and world-class events such as MotoGP and DTM.

FSN is the latest addition (since 2017) to a series of international events that date back to the 1980’s. Like most other events FSN is organized by engineering alumni, with over 100 volunteers working on the event to accommodate participating teams from universities from all over the world.

As FSN is the first event on the European Tour calendar, with Northern American events hosted primarily in the spring and Asian events in the fall and winter time, it is the first event in the year for most teams. This means FSN in particular has a very strong focus on safety and regulations.

Since its start, FSN has grown rapidly in the eyes of some people, as most events start with just a dozen of teams, but the combination of a dedicated organizational team and excellent facilities make FSN can organize a safe and fair event for more teams each year. All pit garages have been filled for the 2019 competition, so for future years it will not be easy to keep growing at the same pace. Other trends that organization sees are the decrease of CV Class teams and an increase in EV and DV Class teams, with the latter not being accepted at FSN2019, so the focus will lay primarily on implementing a solution to accept more teams in EV Class and to open entries for DV Class.

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